AENER ENERGÍA will present in the Event how to optimise power consumption in electrical installations

AENER ENERGÍA has designed an innovative solution that introduces significant improvements in the optimisation of electrical installations, as MATELEC visitors will be able to see. It is a new option, developed with 100% Spanish own technology, that offers major advantages in terms of energy savings and efficiency to all kinds of industries and service provider establishments (shops, buildings, offices, etc.). It is the Econelec® energy saving filter, that can achieve a significant reduction in power consumption, ranging from 5% to 20%.

After years of research, in collaboration with several of the main universities in the country, the company has made this equipment available to the market, in response to the changes in power consumption occurring in the past years, due to the new equipment progressively used at industrial and service installations. The objective of Econelec® is to help that the new forms of power consumption, derived from the increased experience in equipment with more electronics and LED type lightening systems, reach the maximum energy efficiency standards, ensuring the best performance.

Removal of problems

The incorporation of the filter achieves the removal of problems associated with this increase of devices, both in the distribution and electric transport systems, and in the internal networks of each consumer, that cause harmonic disturbances and distortions in the electric grid.

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