AGOLAR will show how they light up the pools of the l'Hemisfèric de Valencia at MATELEC LIGHTING

AGOLAR, manufacturers of LED-technology lighting, with their headquarters in Valencia, has their own productive ways of adapting each of their floodlights to the specific requirements of each project, as can be seen at MATELEC LIGHTING.

Thanks to that, their R+D department has been able to develop a specific floodlight to light up the pools that surround l’Hemisfèric de Valencia. This building is located in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, in Valencia. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava to represent the human eye; the eye of wisdom.

The main aim of this lighting project is to give the building, and the artificial pools surrounding it, the centre stage. The floodlights are facing these pools and the backlighting obtained bathes the rest of the building in light.

For this project to be implemented, a specific floodlight called Daisy had to be developed. It basically has two features: a concentrated light beam and RGBW regulation.

The regulation is made via a mobile app, with a specific password to change the colour. On the app, colours can be changed and adapted to the most significant days on the calendar: International Woman’s Day, World Autism Awareness Day, Day of the Comunitat Valenciana, etc.

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