New SmartColor technology in association with AIRIS at MATELEC LIGHTING

AIRIS will present the new SmartColor technology at MATELEC LIGHTING, based on the Human Centric Lighting principle which aims to benefit health and well-being through the non-visual effects that light has on people. It is a solution for both, interior and exterior lighting.

Interior lighting needs to be dynamic in intensity and colour (just like natural light is from sunrise to sunset) and it should vary depending on the time and activity. This can be achieved by using the lighting, designed by AIRIS, that maintains human’s biorhythm.

The applications and uses of the AIRIS EXILIS SmartColor system are infinite, like for example in offices, one of the areas that can make the best use of dynamic lighting. It increases concentration, creativity and performance. Thanks to the active and calming light balance.

In education: especially in this field we tend to have an altered sleep-wake cycle that affects many children and teenagers. Helping the circadian rhythm increases focus and lessens error rates, boosting work focus.

In factories: avoiding mistakes and work safety are the biggest priorities in the industry’s day-to-day. For example, in this way, working different shifts affects the sleep-wake rhythm and prevents adequate rest. A level of lighting that is too low can be the reason why the workplace is less safe

In shops: its design can promote sales. The right lighting solutions create interest, remove any fear and increase the time of stay and create enthusiasm. In other words, they prepare the field for successful sales

In nursing homes and hospitals: the sick and the elderly need more and better-quality lighting. The right light can act as an antidepressant for the patients and can help the elderly to improve the adaptation of their circadian rhythm to the natural day and night cycle.

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