ePower&Building will hold three conferences on building sustainability organised by GBCe

One of them will analyse the value of sustainable building, another the transition to the circular economy in building, while the third will discuss climate change and the energy transition

The experts will explore the trends and preferences of the sector and society for sustainable building and will see to what extent this is a tangible value

ePower&Building, the great building sector gathering organised by IFEMA and to be held from 13 to 16 November 2018 at the Feria de Madrid, will include three seminars on building sustainability organised by the Spanish Green Building Council (GBCe). One of them will focus on the value of sustainable building; the second on the transition to the circular economy in building and the third on climate change and the energy transition.


EPower&Building, with its motto “Transforming the way we build a Green World”, will include the trade fairs CONSTRUTEC, ARCHISTONE, BIMEXPO, VETECO, MATELEC and MATELEC LIGHTING. These exhibitions will also coincide with MATELEC INDUSTRY.


During the morning of Wednesday, 14 November, there will be a conference entitled the Value of Sustainable Building: from the Intangible to the Tangible. The event takes place in a context in which, in recent years, sustainability has become a rising asset in the real estate market. Initially it had an intangible value, a positive perception by the user and a commitment by the sector to reinvent itself and stand out in a market hit by the financial crisis. Nowadays, however, there are more factors that make sustainable building a safe bet for developers, investors and citizens in general, and that are slowly allowing sustainability to be a tangible value in the real estate market.


On this day, the positions of different agents that are committed to sustainable building will be analysed along with the tools they use to guarantee results. It will be presented by Bruno Sauer, General Director of GBCe, and then Beatriz García, Manager of Corporate and Institutional Banking with Triodos Bank, will talk about Sustainable Building Financing: Green mortgages. Subsequently, Ricard Santamaría, the Manager of Marcove, will focus his speech on health, a rising asset in buildings. And Jesús Fajardo, a Real Estate Manager with Triangle Real Estate Management, will focus on the certification of sustainability as a secure asset.


Next, a round table will be held in which the tendencies and trends in the sector and society for sustainable building will be explored, and the degree to which it is a tangible asset will be analysed. The round table will be moderated by Sonia Moreno, Certification Manager at GBCe, and it will involve representatives from appraisal (Cohispania), a real estate portal (Idealist), a representative from a Listed Real Estate Investment Corporation or association, and a representative of the users.


Circular economy and energy transition


On Thursday, 15 November, the conference Transition to the Circular Economy in Building will be held in the GREEN Forum, which will feature four presentations, followed by a round table.


While on Friday, 16 November (also at the GREEN Forum), the seminar Climate Change and the Energy Transition will be held, which will be presented by Emilio Miguel Miter, a manager in GBCe’s International Area. Representatives from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Ministry of Development and regional and local administrations will take part.


This conference takes place in the context of the transition that building, and our built environment must necessarily undergo, within the broader energy transition, which is required, in turn, to prevent climate change from having truly devastating effects.


In the face of climate change, the built environment has to adapt, almost defensively, to changing weather conditions, and it must also become a very important vector in terms of mitigating its effects on the environment. In addition, this is a framework with unresolved issues such as energy poverty, immigration, etc. and other emerging ones, which are no less powerful, at least in Europe, such as ageing.


GBCe will also collaborate in other seminars and presentations that will take place within the framework of ePower&Building. In addition, it will be present at the Fair with a stand in which it will provide information on the association and about the GREEN Tool, which aims to offer a methodology for assessing the sustainability of buildings.