FEDE sets the trend in designer and luxury switches

These switches are an essential element, especially if they provide a differentiated design.

In the last edition of the prestigious Light + Building Fair in Frankfurt (Germany) held this year in April, the switches and lighting design firm FEDE (Electrotechnical Factory for Exclusive Designs) was chosen to participate with its collections in the Trends 2018-2019 section. Specifically, FEDE was present in the trend space dedicated to sophistication and refined luxury. Both aspects necessary in Hotel Interior Design.


Switches are an essential element that all guests use and appreciate, in particular if they provide a differentiated design that matches the decoration of unique hotels, also known as Boutique Hotels. It is the detail in decoration that makes the difference.


Sometimes, electrical mechanisms seem to go unnoticed, but they never are. The gesture of turning on a light is unavoidable and can become an ART, as long as the mechanisms are appropriate and combine perfectly with the lighting. This is the innovative concept that FEDE has created for Hotels: ” SWITCH & LIGHT”: Turn on & Light up.


At FEDE they forget the plastic materials that are frequently used for switches and they have developed metallic switches thanks to their master craftsmen, specialists in the treatment of brass. Thus, brass for furniture and lighting arrives at light switches, to achieve that “TOTAL LOOK” so desired in hotels.


This TREND for sophistication and luxury, has a lot to do with decorative design, using historical references and a return to classicism, but revealing a very contemporary approach with retro-creations that incorporate innovative technology, such as in the new collections of switches from FEDE: MARCO & SoHo.


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