FIBERCOM presents EXFO's MaxTester 730C OTDRs family

The company now has 6 equipment models in stock for immediate delivery

As the new official distributor for Spain of EXFO, FIBERCOM announces that it now has in stock for immediate delivery 6 models of OTDR equipment in the MaxTester 730C family.

According to the company, the main characteristics of this family of OTDRs are the following: single-mode OTDR equipment optimised for PON / METRO networks; 7″ touch screen; network with splitters up to 1:128; 39/38/39 dynamic range; and Iolm system, which intelligently analyses and presents the network with icons to facilitate network interpretation.


FIBERCOM is recognised as a benchmark in the Fibre Optic Telecommunications sector in Spain. “Our permanent commitment to excellence and efficiency over more than 20 years allows us to know the sector in depth, as well as its needs and requirements”, the firm managers state.


The company manages comprehensive projects throughout Spain, as well as in Italy, Portugal, Algeria, Argentina and Colombia. “We have more than 20 years in the fibre optic sector, knowing and adapting to the needs of the market, which allows us to offer comprehensive solutions in FO”.


FIBERCOM has a wide portfolio of products and services, from project engineering , installation, certification and maintenance of networks, product manufacturing, distribution of materials and equipment, calibration and repair, to professional training, equipment rental service and technical support.


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