GARSACO will unveil its new range of interior lighting at MATELEC LIGHTING to cover the new market needs


GARSACO IMPORT, manufacturer and distributor of electric and LED lighting materials with a long professional career which vouches for them as a reference point in the sector, will unveil their latest developments and proposals at MATELEC LIGHTING.

The company’s distribution network covers 100% of the peninsula and part of the European Union like Portugal, France, Italy and Germany, amongst the most important countries.

Nowadays, GARSACO IMPORT S.L. has launched a new range of interior lighting products to cover the needs of the market, as will be seen at the fair. It is a trendy series of hanging lamps, lamp holders and ceiling panels that will decorate the rooms of any home, giving it a renovated, modern touch.

With this range of products, their clients will be up to date with the latest lighting and decoration trends.

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