Nathalie Naval, Simon's Corporate Branding Communication Manager

“The electrical equipment sector must be able to respond to new connectivity needs”

Simon is a specialist in electrical equipment solutions and covers collections of mechanisms, connectivity for workstations, control systems, interior, exterior, and urban lighting and charging points for electric vehicles. As a specialist in all these matters, what challenges do you think the electric sector will face?


Regarding the challenges faced by the electricity sector, the near future is closely related to the IoT (Internet of Things), in which companies in the sector have been working for years. The research undertaken by our companies is reflected in products such as, in our case, the Simon 100 collection, a clear commitment to connectivity and the application of technology to the mechanisms that facilitate the user’s control of their environment in an easy and intuitive way.


How do you think that these challenges should continue to be faced by companies in the sector?


By investing in R&D&i. Research, development and innovation are the essential pillars of any company that wants to offer solutions adapted to the needs of the technological era. The electrical equipment sector must be able to respond to new connectivity needs.


For what other questions should the sector prepare?


The electricity sector must face the new sustainable models of energy consumption. It is a priority not only in the design of our luminaires and mechanisms, but also in bringing products to the market that drive this.