STONEX will present at Matelec LIGHTING its revolutionary technology in emergency lighting by EATON

Adaptive lighting optimising evacuation during an emergency

STONEX will present at MATELEC LIGHTING revolutionary technology in emergency lighting by EATON.. It is adaptive lighting that optimises evacuation during an emergency.

EATON adaptive lighting technology is designed to guide occupants to safety in an orderly manner, avoiding accidents and panic situations. This system is a dynamic solution that allows the emergency signals to be automatically adjusted, avoiding the evacuations that entail risk, by showing, for example, a red cross on those routes that should not be followed.


Adaptive technology programs different emergency scenarios and allows signalling to be changed as required, prioritising safety. The possibility of directing occupants to different places inside or outside a building diminishes the risk of stampedes or crushes, reducing the evacuation time and increasing the safety of the users.


EATON, STONEX partner, offers management software for the supervision and control of emergency lighting. Thanks to this system, the user monitors the functional status of the luminaires – their location and batteries. In addition, the unique feature of this software is that it automatically generates a Registration Book, which is required by current regulations.


Its installation is simple and flexible, offering three possibilities. Basic: luminaires with autonomous batteries, communication via a conversion kit. Advanced: luminaires with autonomous batteries, without the need for the conversion kit for communication. And Pro: with a centralised battery system. The installation of a centralised battery system in large buildings, such as hotels or hospitals, allows the reduction in installation and maintenance costs, offering a visualisation of the status of the emergency lighting system in a simple and reliable way.


STONEX is a leading company in professional lighting, with 38 years of national and international experience. It offers comprehensive services, from design to execution, integration and maintenance of lighting projects in the architectural, performance, control and emergency sectors.


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