SVELT launches its new fibre tower ladder, that may be seen at MATELEC

SVELT, that will present its latest developments in MATELEC, launches its new fibre tower ladder. Svelt ladders have been always a benchmark in the professional sector, a very extensive area that the brand has been able to cover successfully. The new SVELT launch intends to offer professionals the greatest safety and convenience at work, always with the best quality. The Stadium ladder has risers and rungs made of fibreglass, that insulate completely the operator from any possible electrical hazards, and fitted with a platform and body-guard, so that the operator can also work comfortably overhead with all types of facilities.

Its 55 x 40 cm platform is fitted with a skirting which prevents that tools, objects or materials fall out, and its tool-holder tray allows the operator to have in hand all tools needed for work at all times.

Easy access

The handrails and wide rungs allow that workers can have easy access to the highest. Its development has also considered the easy storage and transport of the ladder that, addition to being light, despite being made of fibreglass, includes two wheels in one of its sections to carry it moving it over the floor, without bearing weight.

Distribution points

The Stadium ladder can be already found at SVELT distribution points, with 4, 5 and 6 rungs.  See its technical specifications on the brand website.

See MATELEC and www.svelt.esfor further information.