Trade fairs are the most profitable marketing tool for companies and they increase their business opportunities significantly

Participating in a trade fair is one of the most comprehensive marketing tools for all businesses, as shown by the Seminar on Trade Fair Marketing for Exhibitors. Held on 13th June at the Feria de Madrid, the seminar was aimed at companies taking part in the ePower&Building exhibitions and was attended by representatives from around 100 companies.

In his remarks, the Director of ePower&Building, Raúl Calleja, said that “as trade fairs represent a major event for an industry, they are a tool for expanding opportunities to reach major objectives, such as trade, communication, impact, time and scheduling, within a short time frame.”

These advantages will feature in the second edition of ePower&Building, to be held between 13th and 16th November 2018. The event will bring together IFEMA exhibitions related to the building industry: CONSTRUTEC, BIMEXPO, ARCHISTONE, VETECO, MATELEC and MATELEC LIGHTING. The timing of these events again coincides with the second edition of MATELEC INDUSTRY. Under the slogan “Transforming the way we build a Green World”, the ePower&Building event is expected to bring together 1,600 exhibitor companies – an increase of 30% on the 2016 edition – and more than 80,000 professional visitors from 100 countries, making it of the main platforms for the building industry in Europe.

Those attending the Seminar on Trade Fair Marketing for Exhibitors found out how to maximise return on investment when taking part in fairs, as well as how to create the highest number of business opportunities. Attendees also learned about how salespeople should behave during fairs in order to strengthen their company image, as well as how, when and who to address to drive quality traffic to their stands. A number of case studies were also presented at the event.

Global strategy

Raúl Calleja stressed the importance of trade fairs as a marketing tool to be integrated into global strategies, as well as the calculation of ROI and the variables to consider for maximising it, the 80/20 method, the amount of resources for each ROI-generating variable and how to drive traffic to stands. In addition, he placed emphasis on stands and their functional creativity to create profitability, as well as on the staff providing information and commercial staff responsible for sales and dealing with visitors, and the communication strategy: how, when, what, who, etc.

He highlighted that, among the factors that maximise exhibitor presence at fairs, it is particularly important to “be aligned with the needs of visitors who ask themselves why they are attending the fair, what they are looking for and what they expect to find. It is also important to steer participation towards visitors’ needs, with a particular focus on how to organise the event, for whom, when and why, as well as what sets the business apart, how it contacts customers, how it showcases its product and how follow-up is provided”.

At the seminar, the importance of returns and investment was also underscored, and it offered the chance to consider “the investment required to create opportunities and impacts for a business” and “the highest returns that can be attained from participation at an event”.

Raúl Calleja explained how an exhibiting company can get the most out of its participation at ePower&Building. He stressed the importance of providing demonstrations of products to show the benefits of using them, as well as encouraging visitor participation at stands.  

He also reminded attendees that, in order to increase exhibition presence and drive traffic to stands, exhibitors can use the full set of tools made available to them by the Fair. This includes communication and distribution channels, newsletters, social media, media initiatives, optional advertising support, visitor database, new products gallery, workshops and training courses, guided tours and visitor programmes.