Vicente Barra, Marketing Director - Network Quality Division, CIRCUTOR

“In the coming years, the electricity sector will be immersed in an extensive process of digitalisation”

CIRCUTOR was founded 45 years ago with the mission of providing the market with solutions in the field of energy efficiency, to help its customers save energy. What strategy have you followed to achieve this goal?

We try to bring innovative products to the market that help our customers every day, but in order to design these products it is not enough to simply be an innovative company, it is essential to be very close to our customers.


What major challenges does your sector face?

One of the main challenges for our sector is to apply our organisation and products to the Internet of Things (IoT). At present, and over the next few years, the electricity sector will be immersed in an extensive process of digitalisation, so we need to anticipate the needs of our customers, and we are already working in this direction. An example of this is the MYeBOX, a new portable network analyser, with which we have brought the world of electrical measurements to a smartphone.


What will digitisation mean for the industry in which you operate?

The digitisation of the sector is not a mere fashion, it is here to stay. Technology companies have to be the main actors, adapting to and, if possible, anticipating the needs of our customers and taking their industrial products to new technologies.


How can technology and personal relationships coexist in the professional field?

New technologies have made contact with our customers much easier, but the personal treatment has been, and we want it to continue to be, a differentiating aspect of our company. Trade fairs such as MATELEC, with its large audience, are a meeting point with our customers and friends, and we cannot pass up the opportunity to listen to their needs and present the new solutions and products that CIRCUTOR has developed.